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Mastercard Standard Credit Card issued by AIK Banka

Increases your spending power - the credit limit on this card is not tied to the funds that are available on the payment account

You can choose one of three debt settlement options:

    Revolving mode

    From the total amount spent, return 5% to the bank and you are then able to respend the returned amount, minus the interest.

    Equal monthly instalments

    Forward the SMS message that you receive after the completed transaction (’forward’ option) to number 1018, adding R3, R6 or R12 at the end of the message, depending on how many instalments you wish to divide your purchase into. This option (division of transactions into instalments) is available until 12:00 (noon) of the following business day after the transaction was made.

    No interest

    Take advantage of our grace period (charge option). If you settle the entire amount in the current month, interest will not be calculated on the amount of funds used up to your credit card limit.

      Fixed interest rate,

      SMS notification concerning executed transactions

      Chip technology for additional security


    RSD credit card
    Approved limit300.000,00 RSD
    Percentage revolving5%
    Calculation method Proportional
    Nominal interest rate24% annually (2,00 % per month), fixed
    Effective interest rate calculated on September 14, 2021.24.11 %
    Shelf life of plastic36 months
    The total amount that the user will pay during the loan repayment period*RSD 395.358,51

    * The total amount that the user will pay during the loan repayment period is shown on the assumption that on the day of receiving the credit card, the user uses the entire credit limit and does not use the credit card until the expiration date, as well as that the credit card is part of the START PACKAGE without charging a fee for card issuance and monthly membership fee. Other costs are charged in accordance with the Fee Tariff for individuals and in accordance with the signed Credit Card Issuance Agreement.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why a credit card and not a loan?

    A loan serves a specific planned purpose while a credit card should help us in unforeseen situations. When taking a loan, we receive the whole amount of the funds, while with a credit card we use the amount of money necessary at the moment. The credit card debt is settled as we choose, while loan obligations are fixed and determined in advance.

    What is more expensive – a credit card or a loan?

    When taking a loan, we pay the entire amount of granted funds, while a credit card interest is calculated only on the used funds, with no fee for early debt repayment. A credit card is not necessarily more expensive; you only need to learn how to use it properly.

    Why is it good to have a credit card?

    A credit card is a solution to the fulfilment of your wishes or covering unexpected expenses. Your mobile phone is out of order and you can’t afford to buy a new one. If you have a credit card in this or similar situations, you’ll be able to make an unplanned investment and to make a sure gain. Your obligations and contacts weren’t affected. Think of a situation where all your friends plan rafting, and you currently don’t have enough money so you can’t join them. The expense is not too high to deprive yourself of unforgettable moments. If you have a credit card, this will probably be the right time to use it. The best you can think of a credit card is: It is better to have one; you never know when you’ll need it.

    Is the procedure of obtaining a credit card complicated?

    Your card is valid for three years and we will renew it easily online. Apply here

    What is the revolving payment principle for a credit card?

    It means that the funds you spent making credit card payments, which are repaid according to the monthly calculation can be reused as long as your card is valid. The good thing about this method of payment is that you can make your own decisions about the repayment amount and schedule, except for the minimum portion (5% of the outstanding debt) for payment every month. You may also pay the whole amount, depending solely on your wishes and plans, while you can reuse the settled portion minus interest.

    Is interest always paid on the spent funds or is it possible to use a card at no interest?

    There are two possibilities for not paying interest on the spent funds: • The first one is the charge repayment method which allows you to use the card during the month and in case you fully settle the spent amount before the end of the month, no interest will be calculated. • The second one is the instalment repayment method of some card debt, based on which the transaction amount can be divided into 3, 6, 9 or 12 equal monthly instalments. If repayment is regular, no interest will be calculated. If you choose this option, you’ll pay only the fee with the first monthly instalment.

    How to determine the credit card limit (available funds)?

    The limit is determined on the basis of your creditworthiness. Creditworthiness is calculated on the basis of your monthly earnings and existing liabilities documented in the Credit Bureau report.

    If I have no regular monthly earnings, can I apply for a credit card and how?

    Of course, AIK Banka has a solution for all clients. If you have no regular monthly earnings (salary, pension), we offer you the possibility to apply for a credit card by placing a EUR special purpose deposit. The advantage of this option is the interest rate for the special purpose deposit which is equivalent to the interest rate for standard term savings. With the supplied promissory note, the credit card limit can be up to 100% of the deposit.

    Is it safe to pay by card online?

    AIK Banka has introduced the 3D Secure system for secure purchase by MasterCard online. When paying at online points of sale with the displayed MasterCard SecureCode, the client can, thanks to the advanced method of online payment protection, confirm each transaction with a One Time Password (OTP) received for each online transaction in a SMS to his/her mobile phone number registered for Card alert SMS service (notification about executed transaction). It is only important to check with your bank consultant whether your mobile phone number has been updated.