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Convenience – comfort in the most remote parts of the world

Your lifestyle and work involve frequent travel. If you’re a holder of the MasterCard Platinum credit card, queuing at airports worldwide won’t be your worst nightmare, airports will be your oasis of calm while waiting to board your next flight. The Platinum status allows you to use the services of VIP airport lounges all over the world.

To be able to use the Lounge Key App, you need to create your online profile and register, using the Lounge Key URL:

After registering your MasterCard Platinum credit card, you’ll be able to access the programme, customise settings to your profile and view a list of appropriate VIP lounges.

To be always in the loop, before your trip, check out locations of VIP lounges which are regularly updated on this web page: or see the list in your mobile phone app.

During your visit, it’s important to note that you wish to go to a VIP lounge which is included in the Lounge Key programme.

Visit MasterCard web page to see other service users’ most frequently asked questions and answers to these questions.

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